1-Minute Insight: Corporate life lessons

CW Fong
2 min readNov 29, 2022

Tips for succeeding in the corporate world

Corporate life lessons I learned while stuck in traffic this morning during my daily commute to the office.

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Stay in our lanes. At work, it is important to stay in our lanes. Much thought has been put into defining the lanes for each function to work efficiently while concurrently minimizing the risk of collision. As long as we stay in our lanes, we can all work confidently speeding towards achieving our organization’s goals.

Signal when changing lanes. Even though lanes exist, they are not concrete dividers. Hence, it is possible for us to change lanes when necessary. The key is to signal early so that those in the other lane understand our intention and can give us space. In the event that they see us signal, but speed up to prevent us from changing into their lanes, don’t get upset. Slow down and wait for the next opportunity.

Keep left. Although you may be in your lane and keeping within the speed limit, there will be times when there is a faster car behind you. If you are not prepared to speed up, then change lanes. Don’t hog the road and block those who are willing (and able) to speed ahead.

Drive safe. Driving recklessly causes other road users to slow down to create more space between you and them. This results in a slower overall speed and sub-optimizes the road’s capacity. Such irresponsible behavior ultimately makes everyone get to their destination late.

Drive defensively. Accidents affect everyone by bringing traffic to a standstill. It is therefore important that we not only drive safely, but we drive defensively. Staying alert, being on the lookout for danger signs, and warning others of impending dangers not only helps everyone get to their destinations but also ensures that everyone enjoys the journey.

There are always lessons to learn. We just need to keep an open mind.



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