How to SCAMPER Out of Debt

CW Fong
4 min readJul 20, 2021

COVID19 has hit many of us hard. Some of us have lost jobs, while many of us have had our hours cut. Money is in short supply.

So what can the hapless do?

They can SCAMPER.

SCAMPER is a brainstorming technique that is used to develop, or improve, products and services. It is also something everyday people like you and me can use to help reduce our expenses.

An acronym, SCAMPER stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to Other Use, Eliminate, and Rearrange.

Here are some examples of how you can SCAMPER your way to saving money:

Substitute. We all need our dose of coffee in the morning. While a cup of Starbucks at the local mall works wonders, it is not cheap and will set you back an average of $7 per cup. If you multiply that by 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, your daily fix of caffeine will cost you $140 a month. You can however get the same fix by substituting your morning coffee with three-in-ones. Or, if you really cannot give up on your Starbucks, then substitute for the capsules instead.

Combine. Bundling is a strategy that retailers use to sell more items while providing consumers with a discount at the same time. In a typical household, each individual will have their own mobile subscription plans. Some Telcos offer tiered discounts based on the number of subscribers linked to a household. So if your family members are on different plans, combine them and reap the discounts. You can save as much as 25% of your subscription for a family of four, which can add up to a savings of $50 or more a month.

Adapt. Reduce expenses by spending on the right things. Today, LED lights are great investments as they are cost-effective to install, consume significantly less electricity than regular bulbs, and last 10 times as long hence requiring less frequent replacements. Adapting also means relooking at what you have and asking if they are needs or wants, and then making the necessary changes. One big-ticket item is car ownership. With the convenience of platforms like Grab, you need to ask yourself if a car is a necessity.

Modify. It is a habit for us to order a soft drink when we have our meals at the office. While it is usually not expensive, it adds up. One way to save…



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