Man in a dilemma

Living with COVID-19 in Singapore

CW Fong


Overheard at lunch today ….

Colleague: Did you see the news? The number of COVID-positive cases in Singapore is getting very high.

Me: I know. That is why I have a headache. I am thinking if I should WFH for the next two weeks.

Colleague: Huh? Too much work in the office?

Me: No. No. I can work from anywhere.

Colleague: Then why the headache?

Me: I work in the office to escape my wife’s nagging. Now I don’t know which I am more afraid of. Death? Or my wife’s nagging ….?

Colleague: …..

Jokes aside, let’s be socially responsible. While the severity of COVID cases in Singapore is low due to our high vaccination rates, let’s reduce unnecessary interactions and self-isolate to help stop the current spread.

Disclaimer (in case my wife reads this) ….

For clarity of doubt, this is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.



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