Singaporean Matters: AI is threatening more than our jobs

CW Fong
2 min readJun 3

AI not only threatens to disrupt our jobs and our livelihoods but it also poses a great threat to our society through its ability to manipulate reality.

The sophisticated manipulation of audiovisual content, through deepfakes, blurs the line between what is real and what is fabricated creating a significant danger to the fabric of our society. Bad actors can (and will) exploit this technology to deceive, manipulate, and spread misinformation affecting political leaders, celebrities, and ordinary individuals alike. The consequences range from erosion of democratic processes to reputational damage and amplified social divisions.

As AI technology advances, so does the sophistication of deepfake techniques making it increasingly difficult even for trained eyes to discern between genuine and manipulated content. Traditional methods like manual inspection are rendered obsolete in the face of AI’s rapid development. The sheer volume of content generated and shared daily on the internet compounds the challenge of identifying and controlling deepfake proliferation.

Combating this threat will not be easy and will take a multifaceted approach where:

  • technological advancements in AI need to be done in tandem with the creation of deepfake detection algorithms and trustworthy authentication mechanisms
  • these efforts must be coupled with the promotion of media literacy to empower individuals with the tools to identify and question the authenticity of digital content. By encouraging critical thinking, nurturing healthy skepticism, and fostering digital media literacy, society can develop a collective resilience against the dangers posed by deepfakes.

The ability to manipulate reality undermines the foundations of trust, truth, and authenticity that are essential for individual well-being and the stability of democratic societies. It is imperative that we acknowledge the threat and take proactive measures to combat it by safeguarding the integrity of information and preserving the societal fabric that binds us together.

The threat of AI-generated deepfakes manipulating reality for malicious intent is a pressing concern for society. Preserving trust, truth, and authenticity in our digital world is crucial for maintaining the well-being of individuals and the stability of democratic societies.

Something to think about as Singapore gears up for GE2025.

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