Volunteering — Celebrating Diverse Contributions

CW Fong
2 min readJun 2

Being a volunteer leader in several volunteer groups, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable impact my fellow volunteers make on the lives of the beneficiaries we serve.

All volunteer organizations thrive on the collective efforts and dedication of their volunteers, and I believe it is important to acknowledge and appreciate the varied ways in which each volunteer contributes.

I believe that the act of volunteering stems from the deep sense of wanting to create a positive change in our communities and the lives of those in need. Unfortunately, that sense is bounded by our individual capability and capacity.

Contributing According to Capability

Each volunteer brings their own unique set of skills, talents, and resources to the table. Some may excel at organizing events, others at planning, and some may only be able to contribute by being the proverbial “hands and legs”. By recognizing and harnessing our individual strengths, we create a powerful synergy that allows us to achieve remarkable results.

Contributing According to Capacity

Time is a precious commodity, and volunteers have varied commitments in their lives. Some can dedicate countless hours to our cause, while others may only have a few spare moments each week. Both scenarios are equally valuable, as it is the intention and commitment behind the contribution that truly matters. By respecting and appreciating the time constraints of our volunteers, we create an inclusive environment that encourages them to make a difference within their available capacity.

“This diversity of contribution should never be a basis for comparison or criticism”

Comparing one volunteer’s contribution to another’s can lead to feelings of inadequacy or discourage individuals from getting involved. Instead of focusing on quantity, let’s shift our attention to the quality and impact of the work being done. By appreciating each person’s efforts without judgment or criticism, we foster a supportive atmosphere that encourages collaboration and personal growth.

In volunteer groups, we are blessed with a diverse range of individuals, each bringing their own unique capabilities and capacities. By celebrating the contributions of every volunteer, regardless of their scale, we honor the essence of volunteerism and create an inclusive environment that encourages everyone to participate and thrive. Let us remember that volunteering is about making a difference together, united by a common purpose. So, let’s celebrate each person’s contribution, inspire one another, and continue spreading positive change in the world.

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